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Joidart lab "Miro" oorring verguld met blauwe email - 2*1cm
€ 44
Joidart lab "Miro" lange oorring verguld met rode email - lengte 5,5cm
€ 79,5

Joidart lab "Miro"

"Stars in a cosmos of necklaces, moons orbiting earrings, open eyes stareing rings ... At Joidart, as creators of contemporary jewelry, we had always dreamt of developing a jewelry collection based on the work of one of the great artists of the 20th century: Joan Miró.

Now, about to celebrate our 40th anniversary as a brand, the dream has come true with the support of Successió Miró, the entity that has designated us as the official developers of jewelry inspired by his creations.

Through the designs of our creative team and the expert hands of the silversmiths in our factory, we pay tribute to him by selecting the appropriate works and transfer them into jewelry pieces. The symbolism of his dreams and his interpretation of color are no longer only present in museums. Now they can be on any woman."

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