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W&H "I Play" oversized ketting met papier maché parel
€ 390
W&H "I Play" statement ring zilver met amethyst

W&H "I Play"

"Story I PLAY collection
Art as an ingenious form of play runs as a distinct feature through the oeuvre of Jean Tinguely. With his kinetic sculptures, he created a body of work that both dazzles and delights. The Swiss sculptor is remembered not only as 
a beacon of human creativity but also as a highly-passionate individual with a pure love of play.

At the heart of Wouters & Hendrix’s thirty-five-year existence lies a similarly adventurous energy. In an exploration of form and material, the collection ‘I PLAY’ honors Tinguely more than just in spirit alone. Kinetic compositions delicately balance off one another, swaying back and forth with the wearer’s movements. Sterling silver is intensified with streaks of violet amethyst and sparkles of green opal and agate, shiny gold- plated finishings and mother-of-pearl add a sense of allure. As always, playfulness lies at the heart of the designers’ practice. Seemingly functional details, such as tiny padlocks, add a quirky touch. Fans will also recognize nods to the brand’s iconic Grigri crowfeet and the ‘Chapters’ stacked ring. Eccentric details, such as disproportionally large papier-mâché pearls, evoke a playful kind of glamour that makes the brand feel quintessentially Belgian."

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